All Saints Traidcraft

Co-ordinator Gill Parkin

All Saints Traidcraft has been selling Fairtrade goods from Traidcraft for over 20 years. Originally sited in church, the cupboards are now situated in the Welcome Space in All Saints Centre with food items behind the shutters and craft items behind the glass doors. Goods are sold after the main Sunday service and at other times during the week (often Friday and Saturday mornings). The times vary from week to week and are to be found on the notice board beside the cupboards.

Food items are sold at the Kings Heath Farmers’ Market which is held on the Village Square on the first Saturday of the month (9am – 2pm).

On the second Sunday of the month, craft goods which are not in the glass fronted cabinet are on display. We sell only a small range of the craft goods which are available from Traidcraft. The full range may be seen in the catalogue (available on the stall) or on the Traidcraft shop website ( . You can order through Gill to avoid paying delivery charges. Goods usually take about a week to arrive.


During the year we have various events to support the work of the charity Traidcraft Exchange. Separate from Traidcraft plc, its mission is to use the power of trade to create lasting solutions to poverty. It has development programmes which support groups in India, Bangladesh and East Africa. It also campaigns to fight against injustice in global trade.

Traidcraft Exchange’s website is


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