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Aim:To contribute to the ecumenical programme for justice and peace by encouraging activities in our congregation and beyond.

Our Most Recent Report

We are a subcommittee of the Kings Heath Church Parish Council.  Our task is to promote social justice in Kings Heath and beyond.  We meet usually on the 4th Thursday evening of each month ( usually at 1930 in the Cafe at All Saints Centre ).  Our current interests include:

  • Grants.  The church devotes 10% of its income to charitable causes.  We make recommendations to the church each year about the use of this money.

  • The greening of Kings Heath.  We are organising a green environment festival which will take place on the village square.  The church has recently installed solar panels on the south facing roof of one of our new buildings.  The village square and the gardens are part of this.

  • Amnesty International.  The church is affiliated with Amnesty International and from time to time we send greeting cards to prisoners of conscience and raise money for Amnesty by selling cake after church.

  • Fair Trade.  One of our most successful activities over several years now has been our sponsorship of Fair Trade.  We are linked with the organisation Traidcraft and have a shop in the church selling imported Traidcraft products.  Members of the Traidcraft group have travelled to India several times to see at first hand the working conditions of the independent producers supported by Traidcraft.  All tea and coffee sold on our premises are fairly traded.   A couple of years ago we carried out a survey of all tea and coffee outlets in Kings Heath High Street and found, to our delight, that about half were making fairly traded products available.  

  • Jubilee Debt Campaign.  We support this international campaign which seeks to persuade governments and financial institutions to cancel the unrepayable debt the world’s poorest countries.

  • The Living Wage Pledge.  We have signed the Living Wage Pledge sponsored by Church Action on Poverty.  This requires all our employees to be paid on the living wage, which is higher than the legal basic wage.

  • Asylum seekers and refugees.  We actively support destitute asylum seekers and refugees, both through the Birmingham agency Restore and through the Birmingham Refugee Community Hosting network (BIRCH), which has recently begun to offer short term accommodation in Kings Heath.

  • Pax Christi International.  We believe that Britain should abolish the Trident nuclear weapon system and in this way save at least £80 billion to relieve poverty in the UK.  We also take part in protest activities against the use of military drones by the RAF.

  • We are the founders and organisers of Justice Mail.a service which enables church members and others to become acive in justice campaigns by means of email. Justice Mail is an organisation with eight member churchs throughout the Midlands. For details and joining see the web site: www.justicemail.org.uk

We welcome new members whether church goers or not.  If you are interested contact our secretary Mike Cross (cross_xmacx@yahoo.co.uk) ).


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