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Many of you will have seen the presentation given by the Treasurer recently in connection with reviewing your weekly/monthly giving to the Church.

This was necessary, as a number of our bigger costs have increased considerably this year, with the Common Fund increased to £67,100 and Church Insurance to £5,300.

The PCC wish to keep our level of giving to Local, National and International Charities at a comparable level with previous years. Plus support the work of the Youth and Older People groups, and underwrite the Lunch Club.

This means that our planned total expenditure for All Saints Church in 2015 is £132,000, and of this amount £106,000 will need to be raised by the congregation from its weekly/monthly giving.

We currently have on the Church Electoral Roll 240 adults, of whom regular attenders amount to just over 120. If all 240 persons gave on average £10 per week, then this would cover the amount necessary, and leave a little spare to increase our reserves, which currently stand at 77 pence in the Church Deposit Account.

Please review your current level of giving, and if you are able to increase your giving, then please:-

If you pay by Standing Order - notify your Bank of the new amount you wish to pay.

If you pay by Blue / Yellow Envelope / Collection Plate – Increase the amount you put into these.

There is no need to notify the finance team of your new amount, as we will pick this up, from the Bank Statements, and Plate Giving records.

If you currently pay Income Tax, but do not Gift Aid your giving to All Saints, then please consider completing a Gift Aid Form, which will enable us to claim from the Government an extra 25 pence for every pound that you give us.

For more details on Standing Orders, Envelope Giving Scheme and Gift Aid Forms, please speak to any member of the Clergy, Church Wardens or Finance Team (Steve Brittle, Martha-Ann Brookes, Mike Cross or Alan Fletcher) or see the section below

S W Brittle

Honorary Treasurer


Church Accounts 2013


Church Accounts 2014



This is a convenient way of making regular payments to the Church on a monthly or weekly payment, and you have total control over the process. Just complete the form with your Bank details, how much you wish to pay, the frequency (Monthly or Weekly) and the start date, plus when you want the payments to stop (this is usually “Until Further Notice”), however you can set a date after which the payments will cease.

Once signed and dated this form can be handed to/sent to your bank, for them to set everything up.

If you already give by Standing Order, please ensure that your Bank understands that this new order replaces your existing instructions to them.

If you require a form please click on this link STANDING ORDER


If you do not wish to give by Bank Standing Order, then we can issue you with a box of envelopes (currently Blue), that you place money in on a weekly basis, and place this on the collection plate during the service.

Each set of envelopes has been given a serial number, so if you have submitted a gift aid form to the Church, our Gift Aid Officer (Martha-Ann Brookes) can keep a record of your giving, and claim the appropriate amount of Tax from HMRC to boost church funds.

If you are unable to gift aid your giving as you pay insufficient/no tax, then please contact Tony Price who can issue you with blue envelopes that we do not claim gift aid upon (please note these are also serially numbered, but no record is kept of who has which serial number).


Just place the amount you wish to give on the Collection Plate, that is distributed during the Service or if there is no collection during the service, then often a plate is available at the back of church for a retiring collection.


Gift Aid is a scheme enabling registered charities to reclaim tax from HM Revenue and Customs on a donation made to the charity by a UK taxpayer, effectively increasing the amount of the donation. The amount currently reclaimable is 25 pence, for every pound donated – however the taxpayer, must have paid sufficient Income Tax to cover the amount reclaimed by the charity.

To enable All Saints Church to claim this tax refund the individual must have signed a current Gift Aid Form, which contains a certification, and basic name and address details.

Non Tax payers cannot sign a Gift Aid Form. However even those on a small income or pension may be able to sign if the annual amount of this income or pension exceeds their personal allowance.

As an example – for somebody born after 5 April 1948, with a normal tax allowance (currently £10,000) should have a tax code of 1000. They wish to give £40.00 per month to the church.

This means that over the year the Church will receive £480.00 on which it could claim Gift Aid of £120.00. i.e. 25 pence in the pound on the donation of £480.00.

To cover the Gift Aid claimed by the Church, the individual will need to earn sufficient money to pay tax of £120.00, which at the current tax rate of 20% is £600.00.

With their personal allowance of £10,000, they must therefore earn in excess of £10,600 to be able to sign a Gift Aid Form, and donate the £40.00 per month to the Church.

If you require a Gift Aid form please click on this link GIFT AID

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