Disabled Access

Disability access to the church

NB The church is hoped to be open for Worship on Sunday April 18th

Due to falling Masonry the South Door is presently out of use. Access may be possible through the door in the corner.



At present the car park is available for Church use on most Sundays. The Car Park Entrance Barrier should be up, and the Car Park is accessed by a short drive at the High Street end of Vicarage Road, behind the Medical Centre.

You should be able to see it at this place on  Google Earth.


If you are a wheelchair user, it may be possible (depending on the use being made of the top car park, there is currently a Marquee there) to come to the top car park, up a short ramp at the far-right hand end of the car park. From there it is level access round the outside of the medical centre, in at the back doors to the Church. If you do park somewhere else, then it is possible to reach the church by other routes (see below), we have one person who regularly attends the 10 am service on a mobility scooter.


Other ways

If you arrive by 'bus or Taxi, or park 'off site' probably the best route is across the village square and in at the South Door of the Church. It is possible to do this on easy slopes if as you are careful to avoid the steps!



There is a toilet with disabled facilities at the rear of the Church. People on duty may be available to give you directions.


Inside the Church

You should be able to reach all areas of the church except for the North Vestry (Sacristy) and the Sanctuary, which are up a couple of shallow steps from the main body of the Church (which is used for most services)


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