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    Dear Friends and Neighbours,

    We are very pleased to be holding a Holy Communion Service each Sunday at 10am at All Saints.  We have been overjoyed to see old friends and to meet newcomers in recent weeks.  We are acutely aware that many cannot or prefer not to gather in any numbers for the time being and so, thanks to our able musicians, we still provide the same order of service on line, a click away on this website.  It allows anyone at home, alone or in company, to pray through the service and to hear the music and readings being offered.  As the service unfolds in Church, we pause regularly to remember those who are praying at home and hold them in our prayers.

    Should numbers rise on Sundays, we may sadly have to indicate when church is full due to careful physical distancing.  In that event, I would be very glad to bring Communion to you in the square at the end of the service if you are able and willing to wait there.

    We are able to mark the great thresholds of birth, marriage and death with baptism, weddings and funerals.  If you have any questions about these, please do contact us with an email via this website.  Of course, restrictions on such gatherings may come and go in the next few months.

    Meanwhile, we invite prayers for people in leadership everywhere: from our local Headteachers fielding others' anxiety and complaints, to local and national political figures as the shifting sands of our pandemic response make so many uneasy.  We pray for the United States, for the health of their politics, so quick to affect ours; for the health of all who work and live in the White House, and any across the USA whose lack of health insurance puts treatment for a virus or anything else out of reach. As America tears herself apart, we pray for Sudan, signing a much longed for truce with rebels, hoping it marks the beginning of the end of decades of deadly conflict.

    With all good wishes,



    The Revd Canon David Warbrick
    Vicar of All Saints Kings Heath in the Diocese of Birmingham

    We are delighted that Church is now open for personal prayer,  Thursdays 10am-12noon.   We trust all who come will keep an appropriate distance between each other.


    You can find some prayers for late Evening (possibly for Bedtime?) and morning here


    The Order for Sunday  25th October is here
    The playlist for  Sunday 25th October is here
    You can find the Church of England Online service  here

    You might find this link to C of E pages on Mental Health helpful .

    Please scroll down this page, there is more to see than a lovely image of the Church.  

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    Welcome to All Saints, Kings Heath, your parish church in the Diocese of Birmingham!

    Many Services are suspended until further notice. Please read the announcement at the top of this page regarding Sunday Services .

    Please look at our 'Services at All Saints' page for more information

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    Please look out for vulnerable friends and neighbours and pray for all affected during this difficult time.

    you can contact the Parish Office on 0121 444 0760

    or email via the website: /contacting-us/contacting-the-parish-office.php

    We are a friendly and inclusive congregation and are pleased you've found our online presence.  

    Do take time to look around the site and find out a little more about who we are and what we do.

     All Saints is the Church of England (Anglican) Parish Church of Kings Heath.  It is located in the centre of Kings Heath, at the Junction of the A435, Alcester Road and the B4122, Vicarage Road.


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    ​The full address is:

    All Saints Church

    2 Vicarage Road

    Kings Heath


    B14 7RA

    A Note to SatNav Users: Some databases used in SatNavs will take you to the other end of Vicarage Road. Why this happens is not clear, but it is safer to ask your SatNav to take you to the junction of the A435, High Street and the B4122, Vicarage Road.



    Our regular services can be found by clicking on the 'Services at All Saints' tab above or by going to our page on the A Church Near You site  Additional services for feast days and special events can be found on the 'Calendar' tab above.  All are very welcome - we would love to meet you.


    Visiting All Saints


    The Church is open at service times and usually for a short time before and after the services take place. It is also usually open on Saturday mornings when cleaning takes place. At this time there are usually some of the Welcome Team in Church to offer assistance.


    Arranged Visits: If you want to arrange a visit, perhaps for a school group, please in the first instance contact the Church Office (Contact details down this page).


    Vehicular entrance to all All Saints buildings is by a new access road to the left of the Medical Centre; parking is behind the old Church Hall.  There is no direct pedestrian access across the site from the new car park to the church, except on Sundays from the car park: to access the church, go along the new access drive past the Medical Centre to Vicarage Road; turn left along Vicarage Road to the Village Square. Walk across the Village Square to the main door. 


    Useful contacts

    Church Office

    For Church bookings and to discuss Baptisms, Weddings  and Funerals,  contact 0121 444 0760. 

    The Church Office  may be emailed using the form on the 'Contacting us' page.

    For enquiries about bookings for the rooms in the Centre and the rear of the Church, and the Village Square, contact the Bookings Secretary on 07932 568885 or 0121 443 4579.

    The Bookings Secretary may also be emailed using the form on the 'Contacting us' page.


    The Revd Canon David Warbrick
    4 Vicarage Road, B14 7RA
    0121 444 0260 

    David may be emailed using the form on the 'Contacting us' page.


    If you have any safeguarding concerns, do not delay, contact the Safeguarding and Child Protection Co-Ordinator on 0121 449 0851 or by email using the contact form on the Contacting Us page

    You can find our safeguarding policies on This Safeguarding Page

    You can contact the Bishop's Safeguarding Adviser (Tel: 07342 993 844 Email:

    or ring Childline 0800 1111

    The Website Manager may be emailed using the form on the 'Contacting us' page.