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Good Childhood Conversation

  Good Childhood Conversation


Between November 2012 and January 2013 the well‐being survey was completed by children and young
people in Kings Heath in a range ofsettings. The intention was to gain a picture of how children and
young people feel about their lives and their well‐being. The survey was hosted by one secondary school
and two junior schools local to KingsHeath. The Children’s Society also worked in partnership with the
Diocese of Birmingham and the youth service at All Saints Church to survey secondary school aged
children as they used theHigh Street. The aim was to include as many children as possible and to use
the results to inform an event called a ‘Good Childhood Conversation’ in Kings Heath so that the
community could react and respond to the results.


Both primary school age and secondary school age children have higher life satisfaction scores
compared to the national average. It is well documented that as children get older and they reach
adolescence that they start to become less happy overall and this is true of Kings Heath. When
compared to the national average children of all ages were happier about the things they owned, their
thoughts about their future and with school.

In relation to the local area, children and young people completing the survey responded very positively
when asked about the area in general and facilities, with scores higher than the national average and
82% stated that they ‘like where they live.


You can read a Report of the Conversations HERE