1st October 2018
19:00- 21:00
Progressive Christianity Network Britain

‘Tell me the new, new story…...…’

The churches in the UK are facing decline, both in membership and influence. Congregations, in the main, are ageing. There has been a dramatic increase in the number of non-religious weddings and funerals. There seems to be an increasing polarisation between harsh fundamentalist religion and aggressive atheism.

Where do we go from here?

Revd Adrian Alker, who chairs the trustees of PCN Britain, has served in four dioceses in the Church of England. In his book, ‘Is a Radical Church Possible?’, Adrian calls for an honest look at the life of Jesus and the development of the Christian faith and suggests a more radical and honest reshaping of the church, less concerned about structures and beliefs and more Jesus -shaped.

But that means we need a fresh narrative, a new story to tell, not the ‘old, old story’ of a God who sent his Son to die for our sins. Stories are the means by which we navigate the world. The Church’s story of sin and redemption needs a radical reshaping.

Adrian will lead a discussion about how together we can continue to be passionate followers of Jesus and rebuild the church fitted for this third millennium.


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